The best way sound has ever been experienced.
Anywhere. Anytime.


- Amazing Features -


For the first time, Feelbelt allows all audible frequencies to be felt. Our patented technology raises every audio experience to the next level with additional sensitive stimuli.


Feelbelt revolutionizes every listening experience, even if you can't hear. By transmitting impulses on the largest sensory organ of the human body, the skin, it lets you feel every sound.

Award winning

Feelbelt has won the Startup-Award 2019 awarded by the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences.


Feelbelt gives you the best audio experience you've ever had. Feel every beat! Get ready for a new sound adventure.


You can connect the Feelbelt via bluetooth, USB, wifi, or a 3.5mm jack cable to any audio source.

full spectrum

10 state-of-the-art impulse generators add a new dimension to every song, game and film – a tactile experience that goes under your skin, literally.

app controlled

Fully control your Feelbelt with our easy-to-use App available on iOS and Android.

excellent battery

With the battery lasting up to 8-hours, you can take the Feelbelt with you wherever you go.


Feelbelt brings you your favorite concert experience at home or to any other place in the world. It's the future of music on the go.


Feelbelt enables hearing-impaired and deaf people to feel music completely. For the first time deaf people can actively take part in a musical experience.

gaming + vr

Feelbelt's haptic sound allows you to reach your full potential in gaming and VR. With Feelbelt every gaming adventure gets under your skin. Belt on, world off.


Our Feelbelt team is open to design application solutions that are individually tailored to your business. Just reach out and we’ll take it from there.

Premiere at IFA 2019

- what a blast at the ifa -

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- What People think about Feelbelt -

"It's great! It makes you want to move your body."
"That's the future of music."
"It makes me wanna dance."
"It's the first time that I can feel the music."

- Here's how-

We are so excited and would love to have you by our side when we launch our Kickstarter Campaign. Join us and get your very own Feelbelt! For more information and the latest news you can subscribe to our newsletter or visit our social media channels. 

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