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Our mission statement

We asked ourselves how we could further enhance the emotional aspect of music. Not just for us, but for everyone.

After years of research and experimentation, we found a way to add a dimension to a listener's musical experience.

The Feelbelt - a belt that transmits sound impulses to the body.


We think ahead, push boundaries and challenge the status quo every day. Developing the future of mobile sound inspires us. We are entrepreneurs and enjoy our role as pioneers.


We are based in beautiful Babelsberg and have made a conscious decision to produce in Berlin, relying on local partners. We are constantly optimizing our production to be as sustainable as possible.


We are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. It enables us to create a flexible environment for both our employees and our customers.


We are deliberately a small core team. This allows us to react quickly to changes and practice continuous development of existing processes. Learning new things is like oxygen for us.

People at the center

We strive to create a device that is user-friendly and adaptable to your individual needs. We keep our word and are reliable with each other, but also with our partners and our community.

Environmentally aware

For every Feelbelt sold, we plant a tree. It is our responsibility to protect ecosystems around the world and we want to do our part.

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Team of experts

Benjamin Heese


Martin Clemann


Mona Ghazi

Management Assistant

Dipl.- Ing.Torsten Brose

Software Developer

Carsten Klippstein

Business Development Manager

Jonas Hartmann

Head of Marketing

Julia Heine

Communication Manager

Maneet Deol

Maneet Deol

Performance Marketing Manager

Vera Schulze

Social Media Manager

Kai Vicente

Customer Success Manager

Board Advisor

Rocco Weyers

Vorstand / CEO - G.W.P. AG

Dr. Matthias Rüping

RSR Rüping Schroder Rechtsanwälte

Felix Dietrich

Böhmert & Böhmert

Mali Baum

CEO & Founder of WLOUNGE ecosystem

Dipl.- Ing. Jens Hansen

Founding member