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The best way content has ever been experienced.
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Feelbelt full immersion

Improve now by taking the next step

Our bodies are designed for all our senses to work together. But headphones and speakers are not enough. They provide a complete audio experience.

Taking the next step to a fuller and more real gaming, movie, VR and music experience.

It makes your sense of touch and hearing work together to give you an extreme entertainment experience.

Easy to use

Strap yourself in and get ready for the next step to immersion: with Haptic Feedback 2.0.The

Feelbelt opens up a new dimension of perception. Frequencies within the spectrum of 1 to 20,000 Hz become fully tactile for the first time.

Connect your headphones to the Feelbelt via Bluetooth or Aux-port. Turn on your favorite song or start your favorite game and enjoy an extreme experience.

How does the technology work?

The Feelbelt software converts any audio signal into Haptic Feedback 2.0 and transmits it directly to your body using pulse generators.

Feelbelt creates a unique and precise synchronization of audio content that makes games, VR, movies or music more real than ever before. What does it feel like? Try it out!

What experience do you want to take to the next level with the Feelbelt?


Feel what's happening! Whether you are a professional eSports player or a hobby gamer: With the Feelbelt you can tap your full potential and be in the middle of the game. React faster and gain a tactical advantage with the Feelbelt.


Warum nur hören, wenn du auch fühlen kannst? Wenn Musik nur hörst, nutzt du das volle Potenzial. Der Feelbelt bringt das Konzert ins Wohnzimmer - oder an jeden anderen Ort der Welt.


Why only hear when you can also feel? The Feelbelt brings the concert into your living room - or any other place in the world.


Feelbelt bridges the gap between reality and virtuality.

Feel the beats in Beat Saber flow through your body. Connect the Feelbelt e.g. to the PlayStation VR or the Oculus and dive deep into the VR world.


Those who can't hear can now feel. Feelbelt lets people with a hearing impairment experience the sound of multimedia content.

What our users say

the user

find the emotional boost from the Feelbelt extraordinary or incredible

the tester

say of their experience with the Feelbelt, "It gets under your skin!"

the user

can imagine the Feelbelt as a standard gadget

Opinion of the


VR Scout

"Combined with the haptics in your controller, the Feelbelt promises a cavernous and even more emotional VR experience that engages all the physical senses."

"I feel a little more in the thick of it, and that's pretty cool."

"With the Feelbelt, the gaming industry will soon be richer by one innovation".

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