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With the Feelbelt we increase emotions and make games even more immersive: You feel the game as if it were real. We use haptic feedback for this purpose.
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We create incomparable emotions and moments.


We are creating the most real entertainment experience ever. At the same time we create a very valuable social impact for hearing impaired and deaf people.


We are taking haptic feedback to the next level and making the Feelbelt available to everyone. We aim to grow very fast, scale and achieve an exit at the end.

Core Values

Feelbelt stands for an extreme experience in which we accompany our users. We take the next step with them.
"You're taking the next Step, while improving your extreme experience."



Virtual Reality

Feelbelt being used on the go


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By mid-2021, we will neutralize our company processes with offset projects.
Already now, all orders in our store are completely CO2 neutral.Besides the purchase of CO2 certificates, an oak tree is planted in our region for every Feelbelt sold.
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Note: The acquisition of this asset is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.